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Oscar Schmidt OU7

List: $379.99
Price: $229.99

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Basic Recording Techniques

by Audio Technica


Electric Bass Guitar


Check out Audio Technica's Youtube video on basic recording techniques for electric bass guitar!

Oscar Schmidt OU7


Constructed of Spalted Mango, with classic designs and superior resonance, this Oscar Schmidt Ukulele is hand crafted for years of playing enjoyment.

Seagull's New Walnut

Series Takes Flight

These new Walnut Seagulls are even more impressive than we expected! Featuring a solid spruce top with walnut back and sides that pair up for very rich tone. Great looking walnut with excellent grain!

New Electro-Harmonix


A bundle of new Electro-Harmonix pedals now in stock; featuring a vintage design with a modern tone for todays guitar afficianado. These pedals sound great. If you haven't heard them yet, stop in today and try them out for yourself!


Peavey Auto-Tune Guitar

Yes, that means it tunes itself. And yes, it works.  It works extremely well! This thing is unreal!  Just press down the volume knob and its done.  Hit it again and switch to any alternate tuning you want. You can play any gauge string, tune to any tension you like, then tune without touching the headstock.  If you like alternate tuning come try this out!


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