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Ibanez GSR205B

List: $359.99
Price: $299.99

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01.Electro-Harmonix Nano Big Muff
02.Audio Technica 2035
03.Digitech JamMan Solo XT
04.M Audio M Track Plus
05.M Audio Vocal Studio
06.Oscar Schmidt OB4
07.Peavey Raptor Plus EXP Transparent Blue
08.PowerWerks 100 Watt Self-Contained Personal P.A. System with Powerlink
09.Sabian B8 Pro 18 Ozone
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We have joined the D'Addario String Recycling Program powered by TerraCycle, and we are excited to share this new program with you all. 

Bring in your old guitar strings and enter your name in our drawing to win 5 possible prizes. 

Drop your used strings off in our D'Addario Play Back box located here in the store before Saturday, April 29th for your chance to win!

PVi100 Microphone
Clip-On Tuners
String Sets

We will be doing the drawing LIVE on Facebook at 2:30pm on

April 29th.



New Strings are in! D'Addario NYXL & D'Addario Nickel Bronze!


New Electro-Harmonix


A bundle of new Electro-Harmonix pedals now in stock; featuring a vintage design with a modern tone for todays guitar afficianado. These pedals sound great. If you haven't heard them yet, stop in today and try them out for yourself!