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Peavey VSX

Price: $150.00

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Meet the NEW

Peavey Valveking

The next generation in the ValveKing® series tube guitar amplifiers! All the quality of Peavey's original boutique Valveking at an affordable price. With the next generation of ValveKing, Peavey has delivered one of its most tonally sophisticated lines of amps yet, tailored for the versatile needs of today's working guitarists.

New Electro-Harmonix Pedals


We just got our second batch of these new pedals from EH and they are incredible.  There's three models here: Soulfood, East River Drive, and The Glove. 

American DJ Octo Beam RGBW

The new Octo Beam from American DJ seems reminiscent of pinspot trees of the past...until you turn it on. The 8 3 watt LED heads produce thick, sharp, extremely vivid beams; anywhere you aim them. A high-tech spin on a vintage effect.

Scrap Your Tuner and Get a FREE Amp!

If you haven't played the new

Auto-Tune guitar from Peavey, now's the time. It's not just about tuning; it's about drop-tuning, open-tuning, ANY-tuning...all at the push of a button. Take one home in April and we'll give you a FREE Vypyr 1 guitar/bass/acoustic amp for FREE! *(While supply lasts)

Local Luthier Knows the Pros

Here's a short clip from StewMac's website from when they visited the 2013 Northwoods Seminar held at Galloup Guitars.  Some of the top luthiers in the nation were leading workshops and seminars and sharing trade secrets. 

Watch closely and you'll catch a glimpse of our very own luthier, ANDY KIRBY, brushing up on his already amazing skills.


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